State of Alaska Employees have the opportunity to pull together in support of health, education, social justice, environmental protection, nature conservancy, and many other causes that help make Alaskan communities healthy and strong. Each fall the SHARE campaign runs for several weeks giving State of Alaska Employees the opportunity to donate to their chosen Alaskan-based nonprofit directly through payroll deduction.

Tell me more about the SHARE Campaign and why I should give. 

The SHARE Campaign offers a community of togetherness and philanthropy.  Together we strengthen our communities and encourage others to take action on behalf of their communities. 

The campaign offers a variety of giving options as well as privacy and security.  Donations are accepted in a variety of ways --payroll deduction, check, cash, and credit card.  Payroll deduction is the most popular and effective method of giving. Your donation will be deducted in small amounts from each pay period contributing to a much larger gift overall than many of us could afford upfront. You can donate through e-pledge or a hard copy pledge form.  E-pledging provides the most efficient method for you to make your donation; it saves resources, time, and money.

The SHARE Campaign also provides privacy and security as your personal information is not shared unless you ask us to release the information to your designated charity.  The SHARE Statewide Coordinator and SHARE staff pre-screen all involved charities for financial responsibility and ensure that your donation goes to the charity designated.

When will payroll deductions begin and end?

If a donor selects payroll deduction, the deductions will begin during the calendar year following the year the pledge is made and will run throughout that calendar year.  For example, if the payroll pledge is made during the 2021 SHARE campaign, payroll deductions will begin in January 2022 and will recur through all pay periods throughout calendar year 2022. 

A Closer Look Behind the Scenes:

Campaign coordinators and key workers work behind the scenes throughout the year planning for a fruitful campaign season.  Throughout the campaign season, your department coordinator and key workers are committed to the success of the campaign--ensuring that everyone in your department has an opportunity to give.


The Governor appoints cabinet members to serve as campaign chairs.The campaign chair approves the governing policies and administrative structure of the SHARE campaign as described in the campaign guidelines. 

SHARE Campaign Management Organization

For many years, the SHARE campaign has partnered with the United Way of Anchorage to serve as the Campaign Management Organization (CMO)

The CMO (United Way of Anchorage) works at the direction of the campaign chair to:

  • Coordinate Training
  • Assist with development, production, and distribution of SHARE campaign materials
  • Provides guidance and support with pledge processing and reporting
  • Maintains records essential to the fiscal accountability and progress reporting of the campaign