For just a small amount each year,

you can SHARE a great deal with someone in-need.



For $2 per year, a book can be sent to a village or agency in Alaska creating new educational opportunities.


For $30 per year, youth can attend an alcohol awareness class or juveniles can participate in peer mediation, parent/teen mediation, or victim/offender mediation, a preschooler can have a book mailed home once a month, a cuddle cure class can teach parents to soothe crying babies, and a couple can attend two parenting classes.


For a $100 per year, two families can be provided child safety items, six parents can have parenting support materials, two foster families can be supplied with formula and diapers, 10 homeless youth can be given  laundry and shower tokens, a low-income girl can experience scouting for one year, two nutritious snacks a day can last 35 children for three days, a family of four can have Thanksgiving dinner, four children can be prepared with back-to-school supplies, an elementary aged child can attend one month of after school programming, or three adult individuals can ride the bus with a monthly bus pass.


For $260 per year, grab bars can be installed in a bathroom and Low-Tec assistive technology can be used for people with hearing impairments, 500 meals can be supplied to the hungry, several weeks of counseling can help a child who has witnessed domestic violence.


For $365 per year, one boy can experience 52 weeks of scouting where he will learn citizenship, character education, and physical fitness.


For $520 per year, a child in need can receive proper healthcare and immunizations.


For $625 per year, one adult learner can receive tutoring and classroom instruction for one year; including classroom instruction twice a week, weekly one-on-one tutoring, educational field trips, volunteer tutor recruitment, training and follow-up, and student resources.


For $780 per year, one month of early childcare and education can ensure kindergarten readiness for an in-need youth.


For $1040 per year, youth development professionals and volunteers can provide a variety of both locally and nationally designed positive youth development programs, and one child can provide facility-based club programming including educational opportunities and supervised play time for one year, an uninsured or low-income person can attain affordable outpatient treatment for multiple preventable health problems.

The Power of One. The Spirit of Us All.