What is the SHARE Campaign?

The SHARE Campaign is the Alaska state employee's charitable giving program.  Every two years the Governor appoints a new Commissioner to run the campaign, and the Commissioner then appoints the SHARE Statewide Coordinator.  For the 2016 campaign, the Office of the Governor has selected. Elizabeth Schultz, Community and Nonprofit Liason as the Statewide Coordinator.  The Governor, Statewide Coordinator and the SHARE staff make decisions surrounding the campaign.

How long has the SHARE Campaign been in existence?

Although there is no solid date of inception, the campaign has run under various names almost as long as Alaska has been a state.  As the years went by, the campaign was updated and regulated to fit the changing times.  The state workforce has long recognized our communities needs and has generously contributed to the SHARE campaign.

Why should I give through the SHARE Campaign?

The campaign offers a variety of giving options as well as privacy and security.  Donations are accepted in a variety of ways including via payroll deduction, check, cash, and credit card.  Payroll deduction is the most popular method of giving for the simple reason that a small amount can be deducted from each pay period contributing to a much larger gift overall than many of us could afford upfront.  The SHARE team also recognizes that charities need volunteers, and are providing volunteer opportunities for those who would like to give their time as well as a donation.  Not only can you donate through these different methods, but you can also donate through e-pledging or a hard copy pledge form.  E-pledging is encouraged as it saves resources, time, and money.

The SHARE Campaign also provides privacy and security as your personal information is not shared unless you ask us to release the information to your designated charity.  The SHARE Statewide Coordinator and SHARE staff pre-screen all involved charities for financial responsibility, and ensure that your donation goes to the charity designated.

The SHARE Campaign offers a community of togetherness and philanthropy.  Together we can change the world, and by doing our part we encourage others to do theirs. The Power of One. The Spirit of Us All.

When will payroll deductions begin and end?

If a donor selects payroll deduction, the deductions will begin during the calendar year following the year the pledge is made and will run throughout that calendar year.  For example, if the payroll pledge is made during the 2015 SHARE campaign, payroll deductions will begin in January 2017 and will recur through all pay periods throughout calendar year 2017.